Anyone can make a difference and leave a dent in the universe if they have passion and purpose to start the journey. Your story and insights need to be told and discovered. It is your time to share your knowledge with a world that needs inspiration.

I believe that my website can transform both my life and my reader’s life – and nothing can make me lose my faith in it. I’ve coupled up my passion with my innate abilities and added some determination and persistence. And I know that magic will happen.

Have you ever met a hater doing better?

Some people may say – she’d better keep her achievements and thoughts to herself instead of showing them because no one cares. Have you ever met a hater doing better than you? Me neither. If you have a thought ‘I can do the exact same thing that she does and manage it even better’, why do not you simply start doing it then? My website is about inspiration and motivation. If you need my help along your way, I’ll do my best to help a good person. If you need my advice or expertise, I’ll give it to you. If you want to prove me wrong and kick my ass, it will make me happy because I somehow managed to push you to finally do something with your life.

That is ‘me’

My website has been on for a bit less than 1,5 months. During this time, I’ve received positive feedback from my mentors, friends, colleagues, former classmates, acquaintances and even strangers from Russia, Finland, Austria and Germany about my content and writing skills. When people discover my website and social media pages they instantly know that that it is ‘me’. I’m not afraid of showing my personality, exposing my imperfections, revealing my passions and telling stories. My distinctive brand voice matches my persona. I’m who I’m online and in a real life – and this is what I’m proud of.

Grab your passion with both hands

It’s a sad truth but many people leave this world with their songs unsung and their talents undiscovered. But if you’ve figured out your life mission, grab it with both hands, don’t ignore it but embrace it with all the energy. I’m here to produce inspiring, educational and awesome content. Every day I do some reading to keep my inspiration flowing, talk to like-minded people and push myself into new areas that challenge me and keep me learning. These things provide me with new insight and fuel to maintain the blogging momentum.

Have a better life

Are you still questioning your life? Are you afraid of taking a risk? Don’t wait for a special moment to come. Enjoy your present, stay focused and be productive today! If I can do this all, why can’t you?