You never know what destiny has prepared for you. Last year I went to the seaside twice. The first trip was to Salou (Spain) with my dear girls in June, and the second one in September with my family in Dubrovnik (Croatia). When we were leaving Croatia, and the plane took off, I had a thought that I’ll see this beautiful coast again. And I couldn’t expect that it would happen already in less than 1 year. By the way, check the hashtag #katarina_croatia on Instagram to see more pics from this amazing place!

Road trips are so much fun

This time I went on the road trip from Austria through Slovenia to Croatia, and it took around 5,5 hours to get from Graz to the final destination – Vodice. Located on the shore of the Adriatic Sea, with its pebble and sandy beaches, Vodice is a truly popular tourist destination in Croatia – I’ve seen people from all over Europe there! No matter whether you go on vacation with your partner, friends or your precious family – the time you spend there will be amazing! And here I will give you the list of the reasons why you should go there one day.

Crystal-clear water

After visiting Dubrovnik last year, I realized that I’d never go to the seaside of Spain or Crimea ever again. The water of the Adriatic Sea is so clear that you can see all the rocks and algae on the bottom, no matter how far you are in the sea and what part of the day it is – no smell, no garbage, no nothing. And this is simply incredible!

Truly affordable accommodation

Most of the local population is oriented towards tourism and provides accommodation for visitors in hotels, apartments and houses. You can check the apartment on or come directly to locals and ask the owners whether they have a room or apartment for you – this is how you can save some money by paying no additional fees. However, you should always remember a risk of sleeping in the car in case you find nothing during the hot season.

Depending on the size of the apartment and its location, the prices vary dramatically as in all the other places. Hotels are much more expensive than the apartments in Croatia. Besides, there are not so many hotels at all, so the apartment will be a perfect option. You can contact me, and I will send you the link to the apartment where I lived, if you want to be 100% sure that you choose a good place to stay.

Food, food and food

I still can’t believe that I managed to eat that much during my vacation in Croatia. Bakeries, ice-cream kiosks, small cafes and truly good restaurants are on every corner. One ball of ice-cream costs 5-6 kunas (80 cents), a huge piece of hot pizza – 13-15 kunas (1,80 euros), the best burger I’ve ever eaten with a grilled chicken fillet, cheese and fresh vegetables costs 33 kunas (4,5 euros) and a meal with French fries and some drink (water, coke or beer)– 55 kunas (7,40 euros). Kebab with some beef was also the best one I’ve ever tried, and the price was around 4,5 euros. I believe that street food is good everywhere, don’t be afraid to try it!

Restaurants have huge portions and decent prices at the same time: soups for 3-4 euros, salads for 3-7 euros, seafood pastas and risottos – 8-12 euros, steaks (fish or meet) 15-20, 1 liter of house wine – 13-17 euros, and different kinds of coffee for 1-1,5 euros.

In supermarkets you can get any food and drinks you want reasonably cheap. Markets are full of fresh vegetables and fruits, and I strongly recommend you to eat as many local products as you can there – to gather vitamins for the autumn time!

Wine and party

In Vodice you’ll lose the sense of time: Mondays there are just like Saturdays, and people have a party all the time! On the beach the party starts already at 3 pm. There are lots of bars and discos where you can go and have some fun. The design of the places is cool, the prices are affordable (around 3 euros for wine (200 ml), around 2-3 for a beer, 6-7 for a cocktail, and shots are from 3-5 euros per each. The entrance fee is 0 or you can get a flyer for a free entrance.

Friendly personal

Probably I just got lucky with the people working in the service industry, but I was touched by their attitude toward customers and their hard work to serve everyone as quickly as possible. The language skills are not a problem as well – they can use a mixture of English-Russian-German-Croatian (passwort ist simun kleine letters) to make the communication work. I really love Croatians, and I hope that nothing is going to change this feeling. And yeah, Croatian does sound like Russian with some Italian accent, and I managed to understand 30-50 percent of what people around were talking about.

Beautiful places to see

If you travel with a car, you can visit the places nearby and discover this beautiful coast. Believe me, this country will make you fall in love easily. This time I visited Primosten and the national park Krka. But I want to write a different blog entry about those spectacular places.

Amazing memories to create

There are many more reasons to go to Croatia and fall in love with this beautiful country. I’ll write some more blog entries about my vacations there and share my travel tips with you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly and ask for some advice! I’ll be more than happy to share some information with you to make your stay there better!

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