Do you like travelling? The answer might be super obvious for you, but believe me – I’ve met people who are really passionate about exploring new places and those who simply hate everything related to it. Tastes differ, so do anwers to my question.

As for me, I’m that kind of person for whom morning in the airport is the best morning ever. I simply love drinking freshly-made cappuccino and watching airplanes taking off through the huge airport windows. I enjoy looking around and guessing where these people are travelling and what kind of trip is ahead of them. I love exploring new places, and I have been to 17 countries so far. However, there are so many cities and countries I want to see and explore! And in order to make my dream come true, I need to travel wisely and cost-efficiently.

A year ago I learned a trick on how to save money on flight tickets. I’ve shared it with different people when the discussion came across the travelling topic, and many of them had no clue about this tip. Today I decided to write about it on my website, so that more people could start saving money and making more trips within the same budget.

When you know your travel destination

I believe that most of you’re familiar with, the flight aggregator service that helps you compare prices and find the cheapest flights to any destination. However, did you know that this service allows you to choose flexible dates? For example, you’ve decided to go on vacation to Berlin in April, and you don’t have any exact dates when you can go or have to come back. This website allows you to choose the whole month as departure and return dates and find the most affordable options available for a chosen period of time. So, in April, the best price for a round trip to Berlin will cost you 101 euros only if you depart on the 19th of April and return on the 22nd.

When you’re flexible in all the ways

Sometimes you’re not only flexible with the dates, but your destination is also unknown. In this case, you can choose the place ‘from’ and a whole month when you’re planning to go on a trip. For example, in April you can fly from Helsinki to Sweden, Norway, Latvia and Denmark for a super affordable price.

Are you planning any trips soon? Don’t forget to use this tip to save on your future flights! Besides, I would love to read your tips on how to travel cost-efficiently in the comments below. Sharing is caring, remember it!

P.S. If you knew this tip before, it’s awesome! Stay tuned for more tips and ask travel questions below!