How many times have you been in the situation when you had or needed to take your phone and call a stranger? Do you feel nervous every time when this happens? I used to feel insecure and stressed when I had to call someone. But not anymore. I believe that many of you face this challenge every now and then, so I decided to share with you some ideas and tips.

There is no perfect timing

You will never know a perfect time to approach a stranger. His or her reaction to your call can depend on dozens of different factors like mood, timetable, stress at work, personal troubles and so on. Instead of thinking and trying to figure out the best timing, you should simply embrace yourself and make a call straight away without questioning and overthinking. When you believe in yourself and the positive result, success comes along the way.

Get curious

Getting acquainted with a new person can give you new opportunities. It’s like a safe gamble – you will lose nothing but you might win a lot. So, get curious about new possibilities, and it’ll help you keep the focus on what is important –expanding your network.

Mutual trust

When you call a person for the first time, you should create an atmosphere of mutual trust by mentioning the name of your shared friend, acquaintance or a well-known company. This will help you pass the circumspection stage smoothly, as a known name will make your companion feel comfortable at talking to you.

Mutual benefit

Tell the person how you can help him or her, give the benefit and make an irresistible offer. You can tell about a new product, special service or any other kind of benefit to get the companion interested in you and your offer.

Hurry up

Show your desire to meet this person as soon as possible and suggest a place to meet at yourself. When you arrange the meeting and decide on the time and place yourself, you avoid putting too much stress on the other person. Besides, people will treat you better, if you make an impression of a person who can concretize own ideas and organize things.

Make a compromise

Be ready to meet your companion halfway. If s/he suggests some other time for a meeting, make a compromise and meet this person at the most convenient time for him or her. Your behaviour will affect your companion’s attitude toward you, so try to make a good impression straight away.

Keep your focus

Express your ideas quickly, sequentially and convincingly. Don’t weight down on another person. Try to keep an easy and secure atmosphere, so that your companion feels comfortable and willing to listen to you. Watch out your speech and tone, and don’t make another person bored. Keep him or her interested!

These are the little tips that I wanted to share with you. Remember: we will never achieve the highest heights by working alone. However, working together with other people will bring us to the new levels and help us create miracles!

P.S. Please share this information, if you think that it can help others. And smile for me!