Speech is the easiest and most effective way to explain your goals and wishes to others. The most important success criteria is to be able to have a conversation with anyone at any situation. People also call it a Sleight of Mouth (the effective use of persuasion skills).

Nowadays, if you want to make a good impression, you need to do the most challenging thing of all – be your own self. In today’s world people pretend to be someone else in order to impress people around. Do you want to differ from others? Be open. People will appreciate it, trust you more and thus respect you more. Have you noticed that people tend to talk more willingly about the problems they also struggle with? If you open yourself to others, they will most likely do the same for you. Honesty and straightforwardness are two things that can make you successful. Remember: people fall for sincerity.

Yes, opening yourself to others can be risky. However, you can build up strong and meaningful relationships and give each other some good piece of advice. It’s worth trying, and here are some tips on how to do it properly.

Nonverbal communication tricks

You see a stranger in front of you. What should you do? Run away? Join the debates? Show friendliness? If you feel like talking to this person, smile sincerely. It will show that you’re open for a conversation. Once you start talking, keep an eye contact (75-90% of the time). Relax and allow your arms to hang freely – don’t show any inner pressure. Lean your head and body toward your companion to show your interest in the conversation. Besides that, it’s truly important to learn how to give a slight and appropriate touch, as it brings a special feeling of trust.

Be sincere

Be present in the conversation and don’t search around for other people to talk to. Give your maximum attention to your companion, and it will make your importance grow. Quality is always important!

Find your peculiarity

Every person is unique and special in his or her own way. Don’t miss out on your special power – demonstrate your real self! Boring and hackneyed conversations will bring you 0 results. No matter what you’re passionate about, it will have an incredible effect on others. But don’t presume upon people’s attention and weary them with idle chatter!

Be attentive

Define your companion’s style and adapt to it. Try to create a more comfortable atmosphere for your conversation, but never go for disguise!

Learn how to walk away

Don’t spend the entire time on one person only, when there are many different people you want to get acquainted with! You can use some of the following phrases:

1. ‘There are so many interesting people around, we shouldn’t miss a chance to get to know some of them! Would you mind if I leave you for a while?’

2. ‘I will go get something to drink. Shall I bring you something?’

3. ‘I just met a truly interesting person. Do you want to join us for a conversation?’

See you soon

You first conversation should end with an offer to meet for a second time, if you want this person to become part of your network. Make a verbal arrangement to meet for coffee, play golf or participate in some event together.

Learn how to listen

Every person has a need to be heard. Do your best to listen carefully and try to understand your companion. Don’t interrupt, but nod and ask questions to keep the conversation running.

The words that will never let you down

‘It was a great pleasure to talk to you!’. Always praise and acknowledge people’s kindness and other qualities!

I hope that you’ve learned something new from this blog post, and my tips will help you expand your professional network and succeed in life! Check out more content about networking and leave your comments to further discuss the topic!