When you date someone, you have two options: you are either going to marry that person or break up. Some people get into a relationship because they simply can’t handle their lives alone. Some start dating just to have fun. Some people prefer staying alone and not wasting their precious time on people with whom they will eventually break up because they are still not sure what they want to get in this life.

Smart people put thinking into choosing a right person, do research and make observations, and after getting enough information they choose the one with whom they can share their life together. Lucky ones just follow their intuition when destiny brings them into the arms of right people, and karma stops being a b*tch and does them a favour. And then, if you are attentive enough to the special signs, you can become the happiest person of all.

What are the signs to see and recognize?

1. Desire to stay closer 

You simply cannot resist walking, standing or sitting close to this person. An invisible connection draws you to each other, but you simply do not pay attention to it. Look at the common pictures. Do they prove the fact that both of you try to stay closer on any occasions? Think about that.

2. “I can’t stop smiling” syndrome 

When you are together with the right person, you simply cannot stop smiling. Or when you are not around, but communicating via the phone or just thinking about him or her. There might be no special reasons to do so, but it just feels natural to smile and show off the happiness overwhelming you.

3. You want to become a better person 

Thoughts about this person make you feel like you can rule the world. Those superpowers inside you make you feel like you can overcome all the obstacle to achieve what you want. You become more confident and motivated, and this combination helps you succeed in your life. You become extremely powerful, even if you do not sleep or eat enough. This feeling for another person energizes you. It is way easier to go along the path towards a better version of yourself, when the right person is next to you.

4. It doesn’t bring you stress

Remember it forever: the right person will never make you stress over. A relationship is supposed to make your life brighter and easier, not tougher and more stressful. With the right person you will never get into stupid fights. You perfectly understand and respect each other’s wishes and needs. You let another person do what he or she wants. You give freedom, and it brings you even closer.

5. You are still you 

When you are with a right person, you do not need to pretend that you are someone else. You do not put any masks. You don’t change your inner self to become more suitable for another person. You do not give up on your dreams, close people, achievements, self-development and little things that characterize you. You are still you but becoming a little bit better every day.

6. It feels natural 

When you are in the arms of the right person, it feels like home. The way you touch, hug, kiss or make love to this person is so convenient and natural, that you cannot believe that two people can be like puzzles when are together. When you look in the eyes of this person, you see the whole world. You do not feel fear or confusion. It feels like nothing bad can happen to you, when this person is around. Your partner will save, support and love you no matter how hard the times may get. You believe in him or her. You believe in your relationship, and you can easily imagine this person as your husband or wife because… it feels natural.

7. You give and receive 

When love overwhelms you, you become kinder not only to your partner, but to all the people around you. Even to those who did bad things to you in the past. You want everyone to be happy, you want to help people along their ways and make the whole world a better place because it just feels like that when you are in love with the right person. All the negative things, fears, anger, animosity and stress leave your body and mind. The right person energizes you with love, and you can’t resist sharing it with others. You give it away and do not count on the good deeds. You give and wait nothing in return, but the force of generosity eventually brings good things into your life. You’re doing your best to befriend karma, and she just pays you off.

Once I was told by a truly wise woman: ‘It’s all about making a right choice. If you choose a right person, every aspect of your life will get better. But if you stay with a wrong person by your side, everything will fall apart.’ And this is a thing that everyone should realize. Keep it in your head when you are making difficult life choices. Always remember it. If you question whether it is your true love or not – believe me, it’s not. If it’s love, you will feel it with every cell of your body.

You may meet a right person, miss the signs and go separate ways. If you’re a good friend of karma, she will bring you back together again. If you’re a bad person, good things will never come to you. If you’re smart enough, you won’t waste your time on wrong people but choose wisely instead. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll meet the right person earlier to live a longer life together. If you’re doing your best to become a perfect version of yourself, you’ll be given a perfect person at the right time, in the right place, when you are ready to receive this generous gift of destiny. And once you meet this special person, who feels the same way as you do, never let him or her go.

When I was sharing these thoughts with you, I was listening to a truly talented pianist Kevin Kern. I believe that these compositions will overwhelm you with some positive vibes. Love and be loved in return, my friend!