When I heard other video makers aka vloggers telling that you need to write a scenario for your video to shoot a proper one, I got suspicious. But I consider myself as a non-vlogger, so I decided to skip this part just like I do with editing. Here I go again, sharing with you my second video that I shot in one piece (I love this challenge because it keeps me focused during the filming as I can’t redo it. I get what I make without perfecting it. Authenticity is a key and an excuse for not spending time on editing videos :D).

Today’s topics are:

– the process of learning Finnish and pain & tears it causes;

– the way to gain professional experience in Finland;

– the way to get a job and a Finnish work permit;

– my attitude towards alcohol-free tours;

– the secret behind looking fresh in the morning after a party;

– confusing experience about liking and disliking people at the same time.

Thank you for asking questions and being the reason why this video was shot. I hope that you won’t die out of boredom while watching this video!

And again, I will truly appreciate your feedback about my blog and YouTube channel. I’m also looking forward to your suggestions for future blog posts and videos! And subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to see more videos!