Do you know how to maintain your blog right without wasting your precious time on weak attempts leading to no success and zero traffic? In this blog entry I’ll share with you a few best practices to help your blog become a valuable tool for promoting your content.

1. Keep it updated

It’s important to keep the blog updated. So, it’d be wise to establish a writing routine or so-called editorial calendar. Infrequent posts will discourage readers from checking the blog for updated content. However, this expectation of new content builds trust and establishes rapport. Content producers should regularly search for something new to write about at least once a week, if they do not want to lose their readers’ interest.

2. Keep it appropriate

Blogging is a great opportunity to engage the community in an authentic way. However, one thing to remember is the following: what is written in a blog will be seen as representing your persona or company.

3. Make it accessible

No matter what platform your audience is present on or where it is searching for information, content should be accessible, so that people will be able to explore it. Another important issue is not to use excessive links and ads, but keep the layout simple. The point is to avoid all the meaningless items and focus on posting great content bringing value to the readers.

4. Make it shareable

Content should also be shared across multiple platforms by connecting the blog to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. This helps to keep followers updated about a new blog entry released. Besides that, the more often blog content is sent across the Internet, the more opportunities there are to increase the blog visibility in search engines. So, by posting content on multiple platforms and having multiple links tracking back to the blog page you can improve its influence. Thus, the more influential your blog is, the more search engines will believe that it should be near the top of the search results.

5. Make it searchable

Using accurate tags, keywords and categories will ensure that blog content is searchable and also help content spread across the Internet. Content producers should spend as much time on tagging and categorizing posts as they do on creating content. It is essential to keep in mind that great content that can’t be found isn’t valuable. According to Dixon and his book ‘Social Media for School Leaders’, considering how the audience will find content in the future is an integral part of the distribution process that aims at giving a long shelf life to your content.

I truly hope that this information was valuable for you. Do you have a blog? Are you an active Instagram or Twitter user? Let’s stay tuned and share awesome content with each other!