To my best friend who finally found his way back to where he belongs.

After you graduate from high school, you usually move somewhere to get your degree (unless you live in a big city that has everything you need). I remember how exciting it was to move to Lappeenranta 6 years ago. I wasn’t only moving to a new town. I was moving abroad. I was 18 years old, and I couldn’t quite understand what place would be good for me. Of course, I had some understanding of the benefits waiting for me in Finland. However, I didn’t know whether this town was a good fit or not. Besides, I didn’t have any other option, but move to Lappeenranta due to the reasons I mentioned in the blog post about studies in Finland

Comfort zone at its finest

First 3,5 years there were full of life-changing events, new acquaintances, parties, good and bad decisions, lessons and memories. After my student life was over, I realized what life is about when you work full-time in a small student town. I was bored, and I was exhausted. I needed a change. I needed to move. ASAP.

It was quite a big step. I had a stable workplace. My parents were just 70 km away. I had an apartment. I had a car. Life was comfortable. Life was stable. However, all of my friends left the town, and my life there became boring. I didn’t belong there anymore. I managed to stay for another year after my first thoughts about moving. I felt like I was missing out on a real life, amazing people, great career opportunities, cool events and pretty much everything a girl at 23 could wish. People told me: ‘Come on! Be realistic! You’ve got it all. If you make a change, you might lose everything. Do you really need to move?’.

But I decided not to listen to them. I followed my heart. I moved. And my last 11 months in Helsinki have had more life-changing events, amazing people and accomplishments than the past 2 years in the town where I no longer belonged.

Take an action

When your intuition tells you that you need to do something, listen to it. It might sound harsh, but don’t listen to your parents, boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, colleagues or whoever doesn’t share your opinion. It’s your life, not theirs. Years after following their advice, you might realize that you should have taken a chance. You might start blaming everyone who tried to hold you back. But it won’t make any sense. They would just tell you: ‘It was just my opinion. You didn’t need to listen to it. It’s your life.’ If people love you and care about you, they will accept whatever decision you make to make yourself happy. So, brace yourself and make that decision. 

You will be rewarded

The purpose of this blog post is to encourage everyone who struggles. Always follow your intuition. Always choose what is the best for you. If you set a SMART goal, nothing is impossible. Break down your big goal into smaller ones, make a plan and write it down on paper to visualize your ‘final destination’. Even if your way is hard and full of obstacles, in the end it’ll be worth the struggle. Fight for what you want, need and love. Believe in yourself. Be fearless.

Yes, you might say: ‘That’s easier said than done!’. But I’ve seen people doing it. I’ve done it myself. I’ve been encouraging people to follow the hard way in order to achieve what they want and live where they belong. How are you different?

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” 10 months ago, a crazy thought came into my mind. A couple of days ago, I saw this idea working out. Sometimes you just need to have someone who believes in you and your capabilities. Lucky you, if this someone is your friend, your parent or your SO. However, even if this someone is only you, it’s more than enough.

I’m extremely proud of you, my friend. You are one more encouraging example of ‘it’s never too late’ & ‘nothing is impossible’. Welcome back to FI!