In my previous blog post, I shared some tips on how to find an apartment in Helsinki. Today I want to tell you how much a ‘big city life’ might cost you here. This blog entry can be especially useful to those who are planning to move to Helsinki in the nearest future.

To have a place called ‘home’

As I mentioned earlier, prices for apartments are truly high here. If you want to rent an unfurnished studio up to 30 m2, 0-4 km away from the city center (Central Railway Station), it will cost you from 700 euros per month (just space, no water, electricity, Internet and home insurance included that might cost you additional 100 euros). Your life becomes much easier, if you’re a student. You can get a room from HOAS just for 250 euros a month. For me those happy days ended back in 2014. To make a comparison, I want to say that my 2-room apartment (44 m2) in Lappeenranta costed just around 500 euros with all expenses included. See the difference?

To get to a place called ‘work’

Public transport is a huge reason to love Helsinki. You can get from whatever place A to whatever place B easily and fast! You can get an unlimited travel card just for 55 euros a month, and use metro, trains, trams and buses inside Helsinki whenever you need and want it. If you live in Espoo or Vantaa and regularly go to Helsinki, your travel card will cost you twice more. You can use a HSL calculator to check the prices. If you have a student card, you can get a 50% discount. Happy days!

To have your own ‘wheels’

I coundn’t imagine my life without a car in Lappeenranta, and this opinion was based on many truly good arguments. Having a car in Helsinki is more pain rather than joy because of the limited number of parking spots and extremely expensive parking fees. The only thing that can make you suffer less is an awesome parking app. If you’re lucky enough, you can get a parking permission within a certain area. For example, my office is based in Kamppi, and I get a special paper for 30 euros a month to park my car freelyu in the A area. But I wish you all good luck to find a parking space at 9 am on any work day here. You can also get a permit based on your residence address (for example, Punavuori area is marked with B), and it will cost you 20 euros per month. Finding a parking spot in Punavuori in the evening is another pain in ‘one place’. So, if you want to drive your car to the office, you might need to buy 2 permissions (50 euros in total), if you don’t want to spend 4 euros/hour for on-street parking. Choice is yours! More information about residential and corporative parking can be found on the website of City of Helsinki.

To get your body in shape

I wanna be your muse you refuse
Let the movement be the rhythm tonight
Move your body, move your body…

Sorry, back to the story. Before getting my gym membership, I did some research to compare prices and services, and it was definitely worth spending time on. I found the best place of all where I run to group training 3 times a week. I just love it, and I can’t hide my feelings! This place is called Elixia Kamppi, and it’s my best monthly investment of 59 euros a month. Unlimited group trainings and use of gym facilities create my own ‘vision of heaven’! Prices vary dramatically in the city, so I strongly recommend you to decide what exactly you want: gym facilities, personal trainings, group trainings, dance classes, location, customer service, tools, etc. Elixia has an awesome app that lets you easily book group training and track your activity. All trainers I’ve seen by now are truly professional, and trainings are so much fun! I can’t stop smiling, challenging myself and sweating every time I’m there! Join us at Elixia!

Essentials essentials

I won’t dwell on everyday expenses such as food, lunches, mobile Internet, going out, eating out, exploring the city and so on. Different people have different interests and addictions they spend money on. These things will cost you as much as in any other Finnish city. However, it’s important to mention that here you have so many interesting places to spend money in – be cautious of allurements of the big city!

I hope that this blog entry gave you some ideas to think about before making a big decision. If you want to move to Helsinki – move here, not to Espoo or Vantaa. If you go for this incredible energy and beauty, you should live in the city, not the surburbs.

Share your comments and ask questions about this topic below! And, as always, stay tuned for more!