‘I want to say that it was truly great to talk to you. I would like to continue our conversation about the topic that we discussed today. I assume that this information can be useful to you, and I have already come up with some ideas for our future cooperation. When I’ll be in your town next time, I’d be grateful if you could find 5-10 minutes for me’.

Remember one key lesson: if you don’t remind people of you, you’ll probably fail. If you pinpoint the fact that you might do something helpful for other people, it’ll give you a great opportunity to succeed in this life. Never forget to share some useful information, whether it’s a link to a great article or some hint on how to contact a certain person.

Some people are afraid to take a step because they don’t want to bother other people. Some people are just too shy to turn to others and start a conversation. But what is common between these people is that they lose amazing opportunities to learn something new and meet new goals. You have to leave your comfort zone to achieve different (in comparison to your previous achievements) results.

So, what might be a nice reason to politely remind others of you?

Be grateful

Always find time to be grateful for everything good people have done for you. Whether they gave you a wise advice, shared some useful information, helped you meet a right person, or just invited you to some interesting event, – always thank people for their help.

An important moment

You can start a conversion by recalling some important/interesting or funny moment of your recent discussion. It’ll break the ice and remind the person of some good memories you shared together. It will be a perfect starting point!

Make and keep your promises

If you promised someone to do something, do your best to keep the promise. By completing your part of the deal, you can kindly remind a person of his/her promises and show how much you look forward to making things happen.

Be exact

Try to explain yourself in a short and clear message. Romance and lyric poetry are good for the other type of relationship, not the business one. Speak up to the point!

Be old-fashioned

In today’s world we all go digital. But sometimes it’s good to use a different way of communication to bring some personality. Handwriting is a nice way to show the person that you truly treat your relationship seriously.

Don’t wait for too long

Never wait for a special occasion to make things happen. The longer you wait, the bigger the probability that this person will forget who you’re and what you have in common. Try to remind people of you as soon as possible, while the can still easily recall your shared memories.

Never forget about the third party

Always be grateful to people who helped you meet an important contact. Tell them how your conversation went and thank them for helping you out.

The #1 crucial thing in networking is to be helpful to other people. The second most crucial point is to remind them of your existence! Do you have the same opinion or your point of view is different to mine? It would be great to hear your ideas on this topic in the comments below!

Stay tuned for more useful tips and interesting information about networking, and don’t forget to check out the previous blog posts on the same topic!