If you want to succeed in life and achieve your goals, you have to act, make mistakes, learn from them and never give up. Nothing comes to people who do nothing. Nothing comes to people who are afraid to take a risk. Nothing comes to people who don’t want to help and work with other people.

Avoid the moment when people forget that you exist. You should never leave the eyesight of your acquaintances. The bigger your active network is, the more willing new people are to get to know you, and the faster you can grow in your private and professional life.

How to find time for your network?

Did you know that by combining different activities you can use your time three times more efficiently? For example, you realize that you simply don’t have enough time to meet each person from your network regularly due to a tight timetable and commitments. Have you ever thought about inviting different people to the same dinner? This can help you use time more efficiently, as you can meet several people at once and use the time you could spend for one person only.

However, if you like this idea, remember to think whether these people will get along with each other. Will they have fun and interesting talks, if they meet up in the same group?

Shared interest is the key

A long lasting and meaningful relationship isn’t built on the amount of time you have spent together, but on its quality. Shared interests bring people closer and have a contagious influence over others. Passion can carry away everyone around! Besides, people tend to feel more relaxed outside the office, so a great dinner or a productive sports training can be a great way to spend high-quality time together.

Make new connections and develop the existing ones through shared hobbies!

How to keep your network alive

1. 15 minutes over coffee

A great way to get to know your new acquaintance outside the office is to go for coffee. It’s truly effective and doesn’t take too much time.

2. Conferences and seminars

Every time you go to a different city for a work conference or seminar, make a list of people who live there. Your trips can give you an amazing opportunity to meet old good friends – use it!

3. Accept and give invitations

Exciting activities is a great way to spend some time with interesting people. Whether it’s golf, bowling, new book’s opening of a great author, check-point race, outstanding exhibition, find some time to participate in the activities that you really like, and invite friends to join you!

4. Shared breakfast, lunch, cocktail or dinner

Who doesn’t love food or a great atmosphere of a new place in the downtown? Your meal or drink doesn’t have to take lots of time. Your meeting can be short, but still effective in breaking the ice.

5. Special events

Theaters, concerts and parties are great for keeping your network alive. Invite people who can truly prize the event according to its merit and appreciate the fact that you thought of them once you had learned about this event.

6. Invitations to home

Warm and friendly home atmosphere will create a feeling for your guests that they just made truly good friends.

Onerous lifestyle

These are the tips on how you can keep your network alive, get to know new people and maintain the relationships with old good friends. You should always remember your family, friends, own interests and time your want to spend alone. However, does the combination of your hobbies and interesting people sound like an onerous lifestyle?

More blog posts about networking can be found here! Thank you for your time and attention. Do you think that these ideas can help you keep your network alive? I’ll be looking forward to your comments on this topic!

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