A month ago I went to the biggest event about health, beauty, and well-being in the Nordic countries that gathered over 50 000 visitors and 100 brands under the same roof at Messukeskus. Have you heard about the I love me fair? Today I’ll tell you more about this amazing experience and the products I got for testing (the perks of having a blogger pass)!

Before the event

I always keep an eye on interesting events taking place in Helsinki. In the end of September I heard about the I love me event for the first time. I got curious and decided to learn more about the concept and exhibitors. I became even more interested once I got to know that bloggers and journalist could apply for press passes to take part in the event for free! If you are a content creator, have a look at Messukeskus website and apply for ýour blogger pass for some future events here! Remember: to qualify, you must meet specific criteria. Make sure that you send your application before the deadline as well!

A couple of weeks before the event, I got an email that my blog was qualified, and in addition to my own blogger pass, I also received 2 more tickets to give away! It was the first time when I had a giveaway on my Instagram, and it was truly exciting!

During the event

The event lasted for 3 days, but I could go there only on Saturday and Sunday. Believe me or not, I’ve never ever felt so girly in my entire life like I felt during these two days! All those pretty booths, unbelievably smelling beauty products, beautiful packages, designer clothes, all-dressed-up-and-full-makeup ladies… You just get a feeling that you want to be nothing, but pretty! The highlight of the event was sitting in the first row during the fashion show and looking at the models! I felt like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City (one of my favorite TV characters). Of course, the event wasn’t one of spectacular fashion shows in the New York City, but you need to start somewhere first!

To say that I’ve learned a lot about organic beauty products, skin care, hair care and nutritions is to say nothing. Exhibitors were highly educated, professional and helpful. I enjoyed talking to them a lot! After the event, I became more cautious about skin care products and started taking better care of my skin and hair. At first, I planned to dedicate most of my time at the fair to well-being and sports, but the beauty world took over!

I feel happy that I had a chance to take part in such a great event! I definitely want to go there next year, do you want to join?

After the event

I knew that one day my blog would start bringing its benefits, and it did at this fair! Exhibitors were looking with curiosity at my press pass, and after talking with me for a while started offering… free products for testing! And today I want to give an honest review about them, so if you are interested, keep reading. I’ve tested the products for the past month, and it should enough to make my mind about them now!

Davines magic hair products

I have coarse and frizzy hair (you probably haven’t noticed it because I spend a lot of time on fixing it), but it’s thick, so I really should not complain. I decided to go for creamy and softly-foamy LOVE shampoo and conditioner with olive extract abundant in fatty acids and Vitamin E. The result after the first wash: hair is moisturized, silky and smooth. In addition to that, I got Oi All In One Milk and Oi Oil with roucou oil to soften, detangle, fight frizz and protect my hair from styling and environmental factors. The result: hair is shiny, hydrated and soft. And my boyfriend can’t stop playing with my hair because it smells and looks damn good!

The verdict: all 4 products are totally recommended!

Where to get: http://www.davines.com/en/salon-locator

The way you feel is the way we like you!

Jolie that changed my makeup for good

The Jolie Shop had the prettiest booth of all. From them I got the PATYKA Hydra-Defense Mist that acts like a genuine shield against pollution and external aggressions due to antioxidant and protective ingredients. I tried it several times, and I can say that it does moisturize your skin and smells super good! It’s also supposed to plump up, oxygenate and protect, but it’s hard for me to give an objective opinion about it.

The second product was the PATYKA Energizing Eye Gel. The best thing that I like about this product that it opens up your look (especially needed in the mornings) and reduces visible signs of fatigue. Day after day, it’s also supposed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. Besides, it’s all organic! I personally like this product and think that it works for me, but I should mention that my mum had an allergic reaction to it, even though she has never ever had any allergy to any skin products.

Aaaand the thing that changed my beauty life forever is Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation. I’ve never used a mineral powder before, but the effect it has is just mind-blowing! The skin color looks even, and the makeup lasts for hours! I’m in love!

The verdict: all 3 products are recommended, but be careful with the eye gel!

Where to get: https://kauppa.jolie.fi/

4DREAM: my first organic cosmetics

4DREAM represents 3 brands of organic products, and I had a chance to try some products from every single one of them! The Beauty Garden makeup removal with chamomile has an amazing package with a wooden cap. It does smell good, but it doesn’t remove makeup easily. You need to rub your face for long to remove your bloody makeup. In my opinion, micellar water can deal with it with a single gentle touch in seconds. So I didn’t really like the result.

From Boho, I got powder, mascara and nail polish that dries within 3 seconds! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I and my friend were so impressed! All the products are organic, and I’ve got nothing to complain about. Besides, prices are more than just affordable for such quality. Check it out!

I also got an opportunity to test We Love Deodorant from We Love The Planet. I can admit that it does let you stay fresh, and doesn’t leave any marks. This cream deodorant consists 100% of natural ingredients and has no synthetic and skin-stressing ingredients and aluminum. This makes the deodorant better for your skin and our planet!

The verdict: yes to Boho cosmetics and cream deodorants!

Where to get: http://www.4dream.fi/fi/bohogreenmakeup/ and http://www.4dream.fi/fi/welovetheplanet/

Farfalla got a new loyal customer

I got to test only one product from Farfalla daily refresh – cleansing fluid. This wonderfully soft product is suitable for all skin types. It cleans your skin gently and effectively. It contains moisturizing aloe vera, grapefruit, lemon and some refreshing and invigorating oils, and has a mild and fresh scent! I’ll definitely continue using this product because it’s the best makeup removal I’ve ever tried!

The verdict: yes, yes and yes!

Where to get: https://www.farfalla.fi/

That’s all for today! Beauty stuff won’t be a regular part of my blog, but I thought that it was fair to show some appreciation to the brands that gave me an opportunity to test their products and aroused my will to take a better care of my skin and beauty!