Today we’re not gonna talk about house parties when everyone gets drunk and does stupid things. The topic I want to write about today is networking. So, continue reading if you’re interested in some tips on how to keep your network alive and throw a party that everyone will enjoy.

A decoy for your guests

A delicious dinner and a couple of glasses of wine might have a positive and strong effect on bringing people closer. I believe that you’re not surprised of this fact. However, have you ever thought about becoming a master of throwing house parties? If you choose a theme and guests wisely, no one will say ‘no’ to your invitation. Besides, you can invite a person who can be truly interesting to talk to – your mentor, a friend from abroad or a co-worker whose experince or stories can be somewhat a decoy for others. This person can have a positive influence on your guests, and thus help you throw a better party. If you manage to impress your guests, they will be more willing to join your future parties and bring someone along!

Perfect size and timing

The maximum number of people to invite should be from 6 to 10, so that you will be able to pay enough attention to every single guest. You can ask some friends to join earlier and some busy people to come later, at least for a dessert. Fresh people will keep the party going, and fun will never end!

Decide on the theme

It can be some special cuisine (I’ve recently throw my first Russian dinner party, and it was fantastic!), celebration, important event in your life or certain music tastes and other interests. It can be a girly evening, a friendly dinner and deep talks or a ‘get tipsy and go clubbing’ party – the choice is yours! The most important thing is to find something in common between your guests, as it will make an evening meaningful and attract people to join your party.

Invite people beforehand

If you want to throw a successful party, you should prepare for it in advance. People have their own plans and commitments, so give yourself enough time to make some corrections and adjustments.

Don’t be a kitchen slave

Prepare simple meals and snacks beforehand or buy them ready-made. Of course, if you have enough money in your budget, you can hire a person who can take care of the cooking part. Another key to a great party is having enough food and drinks that don’t need to be super fancy or expensive. Don’t count on others to bring something along. If they bring some wine or food, you can just put it in store!

Atmosphere is your everything

Decorate your place with candles and flowers, decide on the lights and create or find a nice playlist on Spotify. Your guests should feel like home because it will help them lay back and enjoy the moment.

Forget about formality

Don’t make things too complicated. Dress simply, speak openly and encourage others to behave freely. We have enough formality in our business lives, don’t take it with you to the house parties.

Don’t seat couples together

Some people might agree or disagree on that, but all couples are different and behave differently. Sometimes they just stick together and don’t really talk to others. Sometimes they are truly social and make new friends. Consider personality types when you’re planning how to seat your guests!

Hostess, please, lay back!

Guests always follow the example of a host or hostess. Lay back and reap the fruits of your hard work. It’s a command!

Create your own scenario for the party! Remember: everything genius is simple. The most important key to an awesome house party is to enjoy it yourself!

What are your favorite types of house parties? Do you prefer to be a host or a guest? Share your opinions in the comments below!