Have you ever felt like you want to run away or leave the city at least for a day? The reasons behind this wish can be diverse, but the solution is the same – you need to get away from your daily routine. Of course, you might have millions of different commitments due to which you keep on saying: ‘I can’t do it now.’ But instead of focusing on ‘why not’, try to think about ‘how I can‘. There are different low-cost and easy solutions, just pick one of them!

If you live in Helsinki, there is a great opportunity for you – a day trip to Tallinn. Of course, you can stay there longer, for example, for a spa weekend, if you have time and resources. But today our topic is a ‘day escape full of fun and new experiences‘!

The cheapest way to get to Tallinn from Helsinki

Last autumn my mom came to visit me in Helsinki, and I was thinking how to vary her stay here. While surfing different websites for the cool things to see and do in Helsinki, I saw an ad promoting day trips to Tallinn with Eckerö Line. Even though I’ve been to Tallinn already 3 times (in 2008, 2010 and 2015), I felt like seeing this beautiful town again. And imagine how surprised I was to see the price of 19 euros for a day cruise per person! I couldn’t resist this offer, so I bought the tickets, and we made a great trip!

When I decided to share this tip with you, I double-checked the prices. And guess what? There is a special discount on the day cruises right now! You can book a day trip to Tallinn from 14 euros only! Don’t miss out on such a great deal and enjoy your getaway!

What to see in Tallinn

If you take a morning ferry from Helsinki at 8.30 am, you will have around 7 hours in Tallinn. My suggestion is to go straight to the old part of the town. Believe me, you will have enough time to explore different sights like Town Hall Square, St. Olav’s Church and Tower, Tallinn Town Wall and St. Catherine’s Passage, see panorama views and get lost in the narrow streets. To be more productive and see all the must-visit places, take a tourist map and plan a route around the old town beforehand.

I would also suggest walking to the harboar and enjoying the seaside view from Linnahall. Besides, there are a few beautiful parks in the city, but you might not have enough time for them. However, if you stay in Tallinn for a weekend – go and walk around! More travel tips can be found on the website of VisitTallinn.

What to do in Tallinn

Walk, walk, walk and walk again. Make your activity tracker go crazy! Explore narrow streets, look around, find some nice and cozy cafes and family-owned restaurants to warm or stuff yourself with delicious food, desserts and drinks! My must-visit places are the oldest cafe in the whole Estonia – Cafe Maiasmokk with its fresh pastries, pies, cakes and handmade candies, and Peppersack Grill and Beer House that has some interesting history, authentic atmosphere and extremely delicious dishes. I should also mention that prices in Tallinn are noticeably cheaper than in Helsinki, so walk around and find the best deals!

If you stay longer than for a day, you can also check out the new part of the city, enjoy some spa procedures, go shopping and party at Labor Baar

With whom you should go to Tallinn

Tallinn is famous for bachelor parties. Tallinn is a romantic place for two lovebirds. Tallinn is a great place to see with family and friends. To be honest, you can even go there alone and have a fantastic time! Do you worry about being bored during a 2,5-hour ferry trip? Forget about it! Go to the duty-free stores or different cafes and bars where you can even listen to some live music! Besides, you can find a cozy place to sit and enjoy the calming sea or watch a movie – there are many ways to occupy yourself!

I hope that you found this blog post useful and inspiring enough to take an action and go on a day trip! Watch this 1-minute video and check out the hashtag katarina_estonia on Instagram to get even more motivated!

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below or on Instagram! Stay tuned for more travel posts!