When you’re building up your professional network, it’s important to develop your new acquaintances into long-lasting friendships full of joy and bright memories. And if you want people to remember you after the first conversation, you should make a right impression on them. Here are some tips I want to share with you today.

Don’t chatter

Speak professionally and convincingly to others. When you decide to open your mouth and start talking, try to say something useful and do it sincerely. Say ‘yes’ to informative and meaningful conversations, and stop chattering, if you don’t want people to lose their respect for you.

Don’t gossip

People will lose their trust in you, if they hear you gossiping about other people. Besides that, you’ll lose these people as your sources of information. Learn how to keep secrets, and people will be more willing to share some with you. Remember: your tittle-tattle can ruin your reputation!

Never make a visit with empty hands

You should give more than you receive. When you do something for other people, do it with all your heart and wait for nothing in return. What goes around, comes around. You’ll get some help when you need it too, believe me.

Never treat badly people who are under you

There is an active business circle: people who were under you in the past can outachieve you in the future. Be kind and regardful to others, no matter where they are on a career ladder.

Be open and honest

When you initiate relationships with openness, honesty and directness, people treat you special and give you their trust. If you want to build strong and long-term relationships, you should be honest and tell the truth. For example, if you admire someone, come to him or her and say: ‘I’m so happy that I finally met you. I’ve been admiring you for years!’

Don’t overdo

The lack of warm feelings between people nibs in the bud all the good this relationship could potentially bring. Personalization and sincerity are highly appreciated nowadays.

Do your homework

Before meeting a person you truly want to get acquainted with, you should search for and learn some information about him or her:

– Hobbies

– Goals

– Needs and challenges

– Personal traits

– The most outstanding achievements

– The most impressive results

When you show your interest toward someone’s professional career and personal life (if appropriate), you automatically become important to this person.

Never work alone

A person needs another person to make things work. When our hearts, our minds and our hands work together, magic happens, and our wildest dreams become just a brief distance away from reality. But remember: don’t try to impress everyone. Connect with fewer people on a level that is deeper and more profound, and this will help you make true friends all around the globe.

I hope that this information will help you build up your network. If you enjoyed reading this blog entry, please leave a comment and share it with people who might be interested in these tips. By the way, you can read my other blog entries about networking here.

Make magic happen, my dear friends!