Are you a student at any Finnish or Swedish University? Are you looking for internships or opportunities to experience an unbelievable atmosphere of a fast-growing startup? Go for your dream and discover amazing jobs in the world’s best startup ecosystems!

How does it work?

I wouldn’t believe it myself, if I didn’t participate in a great event organized by Startuplifers and listen to some truly inspiring stories. Startuplifers is a non-profit internship program for students and recent graduates who want to unleash their full potential. By applying to this program you will get a chance to work at the most awesome, international and fast-growing startups in San Francisco, Shanghai or Tokyo. Nothing is impossible, if you have a clear plan and right people to help you out along your way. Here is the timeline presented on the Startuplifers’ website:



Why do I recommend it?

I’m currently working at an amazing startup where we all learn by doing. It was set up by 4 talented students who were passionate about their idea. Being a part of something growing at a rapid pace gives you an incredible feeling. You achieve new heights together, you grow and succeed together. However, getting a dream job is a truly difficult and time-consuming process. Once I got to know that there is an organization that helps you make your dreams come true absolutely for free, I was truly impressed and got a strong feeling that I need to share this information with you. Aren’t these news mind-blowing? You don’t wanna miss your chance! Read more and apply on the Startlifers’ website now!

ATTENTION! The application period ends on the 14th of February. Don’t wait for a better moment to come. Grab your chance with two hands TODAY! Silicon Valley is waiting for you… 

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