From time to time I hear the exact same questions: how can I find a workplace in Finland? What am I supposed to do? Where should I start? Can you help me? And this post is here to answer them.

0 work experience

Well, finding a job is always a time-consuming, challenging and stressful thing to accomplish. If you have 0 work experience, the whole situation becomes even worse. If you’re a student, I strongly recommend you to search for a part-time job or a practical training (a real one, not a fake one) to get some experience during your studies. Believe me, it’ll save you later, as you’ll have at least something to write about in your CV and show in practice.

How to get that first job

In the previous blog post, I told how I got my first job in Finland with 0 work experience. This information can be truly useful for foreign students at Finnish universities. TE-toimisto and its online services is the first thing to turn to, when you’re searching for a part-time position or practical training. The website allows you to choose the duration and type of work + you can check ‘Job advertisements in English only’.

A must-have tool

If you have some work experience, do no waste your time and create an account on LinkedIn. In this blog post, I explained why it’s a must-have tool for every professional. By the way, I found my new workplace there!

Nowadays, it’s highly important for a company to have social media presence, especially on LinkedIn. This platform allows companies to publish their job offers, and helps job seekers find open positions. A smart algorithm helps you find a workplace that is suitable for your work experience, education and skills mentioned in your profile. Every day new positions are published on LinkedIn, so check the ‘jobs’ section regularly!

Open vacancies

Of course, you can also check available positions on and Besides, you should use your network to search for new opportunities. Share on social media that you’re looking for new opportunities. What if your message will reach a right person who can help you along your way? The power of social media is mind-blowing, so use this amazing opportunity to find a workplace.

Your professional network

Ask your mentors, teachers and friends whether they have any information about open vacancies or can ask right people from their networks. Tell them how beneficial your skills can be for a company. Explain them why you are the one to be chosen. Remember that you will lose nothing, if you ask for help. But you can lose everything, if you don’t. If you had an opportunity in the past to show how hard-working, reliable and eager to learn you are, people would try to do their best to help you out. Keep it always in mind!

The most crucial thing

However, the most crucial thing is to believe in yourself. I was told dozens of times by different people that finding a job in Helsinki is simply impossible. People are losing their jobs, companies are going bankrupt, and the economic situation is unstable. However, I was persistent enough to keep on applying, getting rejected, applying again, participating in the interviews (via phone and in person), learning, getting new skills and working my ass off to achieve what I wanted. So can you.

If you set a goal to achieve till a certain date and create a step-by-step plan on how to make it real, you will be able to get what you want. But remember: never work alone. Your professional network is the greatest asset of all, so turn to people and let them help you along your way.

I hope that my blog posts related to the topic ‘Life in Finland’ are somehow useful to you. Leave your comments and share this post, if this information can help your friends. Do you have any questions about studying and working in Finland? Feel free to ask in the comments below!