I’ve recently learnt some truly important information, and I have to share it with you. Let me start with a question:

How many times have you heard that in order to strengthen your immune system you need to do sports, eat healthy, take vitamins and stress less?

Enough to start getting annoyed, I believe.

It’s not enough

I was sure that my immune system was just ‘on point’. I exercise 2-3 times a week, eat healthy, take care of my stress level, live in a truly healthy environment and follow ‘best practices’. However, a quick flu still takes over once in 1-2 months. I thought that taking some additional nutritions and vitamins might be a solution to improve my immune system. So, I decided to talk about it with my mentor.

He told me that it would be a waste of money to buy nutritions and vitamins without knowing for sure how well my body cells function. He suggested doing a blood test to figure out what’s happening inside my body before investing money into expensive health products.

No one told me a secret

A quick lesson for dummies like me: if the cell membrane is too stiff, nutritions and oxygen can’t go through and get inside the cell, so they just pass by without helping your body feel and function better. At the same time, toxins and carbon dioxide get stuck inside the cell because of the same reason – the stiff cell membrane. The result: vitamins and nutritions just leave your body without improving your immune system, and your body easily inflames.

However, there is an easy solution to it. You need to make your cell membrane more transparent and flexible, and omega-3 is the one and only thing to help you out. However, nowadays it’s almost impossible to get enough omega-3 fatty acids from food. Thus, you need to take it as a supplement every day. And guess what?  No one has ever explained this to me!!!

The best solution

I did the blood test on my own at home (with a special kit that helped me save a lot of money), sent it back to Norway and got the results in 2 weeks. Obviously, my omega-3 level is super low, and my immune system is in the ‘red’ area. No surprise why I’m fighting the flu again! The plan for now is to start taking omega-3, observe how it will affect my body and do another test in 4 months.

Are you taking omega-3 fatty acids? Do you know what are your immune, omega-3 (EPA+DHA) and omega-6 (AA) levels + mental stress index? To know more about the blood test that gives you the answer to the question #2, contact me via email/Social Media or just check more info here!

If you learn this now, you can save your health and improve your life asap. I’m on my ‘improvement’ path, do you want to join?

Your body is your most priceless possession, so go take care of it!

P.S. The photo was taken by me with GoPro Hero 5 in Croatia.