If you didn’t know, here it is: This blog is something that I do in my free time. This is my hobby, and I’m passionate about it. However, I have a full-time job as an online marketing specialist at the software company. Some people assume that being a marketier is easy, others know how challenging this career can be. In today’s world, a marketing specialist should be a good sales-oriented strategist with great creative and technical skills. S/he needs to be very social, possess outstanding communication skills and have an interesting personality. Besides, this person should be fluent in several foreign languages. And one more thing – a marketier simply has to be up to date about new platforms and marketing tricks because this field is constantly changing.

The question to answer

‘Am I ready to spend an hour of my presious time on meeting this person for lunch? Is s/he interesting to me? Do we have something in common to talk about?’ Have you ever caught yourself having this thought? So do people around you. If you want others to spend time on you (we’re talking about business life right now, not about family and friends), you should be interesting.

How to make people want to meet you? Be up to date about the current events and trends. Pay attention to the interesting things happening around you and remember them. In order to be interesting to others, you should be broad-minded. You should increase your intelligence on a daily basis and know how your knowledge and experience can help other people. If you want people to follow you and fall for you, you need to show your persuasion, desire and passion.

Have your own opinion

Be purposeful, have meaningful talks, get varied attainments and keep on improving your skills. This will make people respect you and notice that you are unique.

Increase your value

One of the best ways to make your way up on the business ladder is to increase your value as an employee within every company you have worked for, at any position. It doesn’t matter what your position is right now – learn as much as possible out of it. Getting a truly unique set of skills will help you succeed professionally and become an interesting candidate for future promotions and new positions.

Spread the word

Talk to journalists and bloggers and tell them about your current company or ideas. These people are always eager to write about something new. If you talk with passion and get them interested in your story, their readers will most likely fall for it as well. Be the expert on what you’re doing and share your passion with others!

Be a creative individual

No one is irreplaceable. However, it’s more challenging to replace a creative and passionate person. You need special skills and knowledge to create something new. Nowadays, creativity is much more important and valuable than competence, experience and a good mind. Remember that!

Be one step ahead

Follow the current trends, discussions and innovative ideas. Try to understand them, get to know the authors and keep on reading. People are the most important assets in every company. Become the foremost one.

Become an expert

In order to understand different concepts and best practices, start teaching others – ‘while we teach, we learn‘. Besides, teaching helps you develop the extremely important skill of describing your ideas well enough for others to understand and use them.

In the next blog post, I will tell you how to become an expert on your field! Stay tuned!

P.S. I hope these ideas will help you become a more interesting person and realize why this topic is so important in today’s world. In the meanwhile, check out the previous blog posts about networking and learn new practices!