You never know what the future will bring to you. Here I’m, shooting my first YouTube video without editing it at all in order to share with you, my friends, the story about how I failed at selling my car and got the worst customer care ever. The reason to do it is to tell about my bad experience and help you avoid the stress I went through. If you follow me on Instagram and check my stories, you probably saw me driving my car again after selling it a month ago. You might have some questions – here is the answer. I didn’t expect to see my BMW ever again, but life is full of surprises. So, if you are interested in what happened, just click play and watch the video below!

NOTE! I’m not a native speaker. I shot this video in one piece. I didn’t do any editing to it. I decided that a video will explain the situation better than a blog post, and that’s why I took it. If you want me to shoot more videos, let me know in the comments below or on YouTube. I thought that a video format is not my ‘cup of tea’, but I’m happy to leave my comfort zone and try something new.

I’m looking forward to your feedback! Happy 1st YouTube video to me! And don’t get fooled and learn from other people’s mistakes!

P.S. Thank you, Autopilotti, for the ‘best’ customer care ever.