I always do this recapping thing twice a year, on the 31th of December and the 23rd of May. I’m a highly organized person, and I believe that this trait helps me a lot. I always plan things, set the priorities, come up with plans A, B and C, and do my best to achieve my goals. At the same time, I don’t get frustrated when things don’t go according to the plan and quickly come up with a new scenario. Yes, my parents definitely didn’t raise a quitter, and I’m extremely grateful to them for doing it.

I set quite high expectations and challenging goals for the year #23. When I look back, I’m like ‘WTF’, how did I manage to do this all? Okay, let’s go from an abstract to more detailed explanation. So, how did this year go for me?

– I didn’t lose anyone from my family and friends (and this is the most important thing in the entire world);

– I finally moved to the city where I feel happy (and there are multiple reasons for it: people, opportunities, atmosphere, airport and beauty everywhere, etc.);

– I changed my workplace, and I love it, #goddamnit;

– I explored 6 countries and 15+ cities in Europe;

– I met many wonderful people, expanded my professional network and made good friends;

– I changed 4 apartments and found a perfect one;

– I became stronger and more enduring (thanks to Elixia’s group trainings, long walks and morning runs);

– I improved and gained new skills;

– I worked at Slash, and my first volunteer experience was #ausgezeichnet;

– I didn’t give up on my blog, but created a new website and kept creating and doing more;

– I leant a lot about Finnish law and people;

– I set myself free from negative people, but put effort into keeping good people in my life and staying in theirs;

– I had problems and got into troubles like all the other people do, but managed to solve those problems out, overcome my fears, learn from this experience and share it with others, so that they can avoid it in the future;

– I enjoyed my life to the fullest, had a lot of fun, laughed my ass off, danced and felt happy;

– I took risks and didn’t regret, I left my comfort zone and grew, I believed in myself and saw hard work paying off.

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. I love every single one of them because they whether make me happier or stronger. New adventures, challenges and the best moments of my life are ahead!

P.S. Every year I get many wonderful birthday wishes. Thank you all for making this day special and me – happy. Time to celebrate and enjoy my birthday to the fullest! Turning 24 on the 24th happens only once in a lifetime, and I’m gonna enjoy every moment of it!