Last summer my good friend was super excited to show me one YouTube channel. “You’d love it! This guy is amazing, and his videos are really something!” – he said. And after watching the first video I was truly impressed. From that day on, I got a great source of inspiration to chase my dreams and get things done. I’ve been watching at least one video almost every day since then, so I decided to introduce this outstanding man to you all – Casey Neistat!

He’s the coolest man I’ve ever seen – an American YouTuber, filmmaker, vlogger, and co-founder of the social media company Beme. His life is full of ups and downs, but he always keeps on pushing forward. He’s definitely not a quitter. To be honest, I’ve no idea how he managed to go through everything what has happened to him. He dropped out of high school at age 15 and later ran away from home. At age 17 he became a father. Until 20 he lived in a trailer park with his girlfriend and his son Owen and worked as a dishwasher to provide for them. However, he didn’t give up on his dream to become a filmmaker and moved to New York City in 2001.

Nothing is easy

I strongly recommend you to watch this interesting story to understand the background of such an increadible personality.

Daily vlogging

In 2015, Casey started to post daily vlogs on YouTube. After 19 months, he announced that he was cancelling his vlog permanently to focus more on short-films, and of course it made us, his fans, truly sad. However, just some days ago he posted a video named ‘THE VLOG IS BACK‘, and the 3rd season of daily vlogs started! Subscribe to his channel on YouTube and start watching his fantastic daily movies now!

Casey Neistat in Finland

Back in 2016, I saw a selfie of a fan with Casey on Instagram. The geo-location was Finland, and I was like ‘it can’t be real’. Imagine my face when I was watching the video below and realizing that these places looked familiar to me. Of course, that was LAPLAND! I feel so pround that they flew all the way from the US here to shoot such a cool video!

Who is Casey Neistat for me

Casey Neistat is an incredibly kind, talented, always optimistic and authentic human-being. He has a lovely wife Candice and 2 beautiful kids, and he’s a great family-guy. I love his family! He’s a sports enthusiast who motivated me to start running in the morning. He strongly believes that between you and your dreams is just one thing – doing it. He has an extremely interesting personality and a great sense of humor. He attracts people, and everyone wants to be around him. He sets a great example for all the creators out there who are afraid that they can’t achieve something. He builded up an amazing career with his own hands. He has 24 hours per day and 7 days a week like all the others, but manages to do so many different things! He travels a lot and shoots videos of different places, people and events, and this helps viewers see the world and learn something new daily.

Back in 2015, he couldn’t imagine getting almost 7 million subscribers within 2 years. It proves the fact that you never know what might happen to you. However, if you keep on doing nothing, nothing is going to happen. Just start doing what you are passionate about and see where it brings you.

“To the haters, the doubters, to everyone who’s ever told anyone with a dream ‘they can’t’ – this video is for you.”


Thank you, Casey, for being so awesome and creating fantastic content that inspires millions of people daily around the globe!

No matter what you’re struggling with right now, you will find inspiration in Casey’s videos! Subscribe to his channel and follow him on Instagram for more!