Dear readers (for now, imaginary),

Right now I’m writing my first blog entry, and at this particular moment I’ve no idea where this all is going. Probably no one is gonna get interested in my stories, or it may become quite popular in a few years. The only thing I know is that every person should do what brings her or him joy. I love talking to people. I’m crazy about writing letters, greeting cards and notes, and then after some time reread them and plunge into the atmosphere of good old times. People always tend to turn to me for help. I should do something with it.

Why did I decide to write a blog?

One of my favorite characters is Carrie Bradshaw. Do you like her as much as I do? Those scenes when she’s sitting in her cozy apartment, drinking coffee or wine, smoking cigarettes and typing her thoughts about love, men and relationships in the New York City… I can watch them over and over again. This gorgeous lady inspired me to share my thoughts and ideas with other people. And I’m not losing hope that one day people will read my words and get inspired to do what they love.

People might probably tell that I’m not a professional writer, millions of people write blogs, and I’m just one among the rest. But I want to say that the only way to become a writer is to start writing. And the only way to become a professional writer is to write more. People will always try to find motivation and inspiration in other people, and I believe that my people will find the way to me through among millions of blogs.

When you are in the beginning of something new, everything seems blurry. But if you set the goal and write it down on paper, you can create a clearer plan to make this project come true. In this blog I’m planning to share my impressions about the countries I have visited and give some advice to travelers. Another topic is going to be about studying, working and living in Finland. I have lived in this country since 2011, and I believe that I have a lot to share about this experience. Snowboarding, music, fitness, cooking and reading can make up one more topic that will tell you about my passions, hobbies and things that make my life fuller.

Topic #4 is gonna be networking and communications: making new friends and maintaining already existing relationships. I have always been interested in networking and phycology. My family, friends, teachers and colleagues tell that I can easily find a common language with almost everyone. Is it my talent? I cannot say for sure. But Keith Ferrazzi and his book “Never Eat Alone” arouse my profound interest in this field. And I believe that my knowledge will bring additional value for you too.

A topic #5 is marketing. I want to continuously enlarge my professional capabilities, and I hope that my researches, tips and advice will help you manage your work tasks better. The topic about love and relationships between men and women is a truly tempting topic for me, and I think that this one deserves to become a topic #6.

I do not like the number 6, so I should go for the 7th theme. I think this one can be ‘something that touched my heard, made me smile or probably incensed me today’. That was quite a long answer to the question “what”. The last question is ”when”. I am planning to start with at least 2 blog entries every week. As soon as my words find their precious readers, I will start writing more.

If you are resing this post, I want to tell you that you are an amazing person, and someone definitely loves you just for who you are. Stay strong and believe in yourself, my awesome friend!