How often do you meet people who do not believe in themselves? How often are these people afraid of taking a chance or making a change? Do you consider yourself as a risk-taker? If not, what is the reason for it?

Don’t be afraid

I believe that you should never ever lose an opportunity to get acquainted with new people, especially with influencers in different fields. You shouldn’t be afraid of asking for help, if you really need some. There is a mutual benefit for both parties: it makes a life easier for the one seeking for help and gives some warm feeling inside for another one doing something good. People who refuse to help others lose a lot. And a sad thing is that they do not understand it.

Fear is a common feeling that everyone has. If you want to achieve success, you simply have to overcome your fears. And believe me, every time it will become easier for you to come over your fear than previously. Risk-taking gives you more opportunities to become a more successful person, and you should never forget it.

But how to make yourself feel more comfortable, relaxed and confident at talking to other people?

Find a role model

When you are surrounded by people who are self-confident and successful you get energy, strength and courage which are needed to achieve new heights. These people can show you how they overcome their fears and deal with new situations and tasks. Observe their behavior and learn from it!

Learn how to speak

Practice makes perfect. Create an atmosphere that calms you down in the place where you feel yourself comfortable, and start speaking about whatever you personally prefer. If you find speaking too challenging for you, search for some special courses or trainings where experts can come to help and cheer you up.

Get involved

Join different clubs and discussion groups where the topics of your interests are discussed. Become an active member and later a leader of your group. You should do things that you love and become an expert in them. By practicing every day you will be able to achieve outstanding results!

Visit a psychotherapist

A course can help you understand yourself better, get rid of shortcomings and learn how to effectively overcome your fears.

Make a decision and stand by it

Set up a goal: getting to know a new person every week. It doesn’t matter whether you meet this person in the bus, at the university, in your business center or in the bar – meet new people and learn something new from them! If a person refuses to talk to you, it shouldn’t bring your down. This person loses a great opportunity to get to know an amazing person. And you’ll just find someone else who will be more attentive and open to you.

Remember to be open, friendly and candid – others will notice it and behave the same way. Respect and attention will make your conversation deeper and more memorable.

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