You can dream about being around interesting people, keeping a healthy lifestyle, getting a stunning summer body, moving to another city, seeing new places, taking part in great events, learning foreign languages, having a perfect relationship, earning enough money, getting away from negativity … and many other different things.

Doing is the key

However, dreaming is not enough. Surprised, yeah? Curious as to what lies between you and all the things you have always wanted in your life? Doing. You’re the only one responsible for making your life better. Don’t count on other people. Don’t wait for something great to come into your life. Create your own way! It’s not always a ’straight line’. Sometimes you feel yourself like a tarzan – moving inside the jungle by grabbing lianas and swaying from one side to another in order to get closer to your ‘wanted destination’. You have to be open-minded to everything happening in your life and believe that every sway brings you a little bit closer to where you want to be.

Chronic complainers

I hate when people complain without a decent reason. If you and the ones you love are healthy and alive – why are you whining? What kind of ‘problems with no solution’ do you have? Yes, it’s always easy to point to others and say: ‘They have an easy life! They were given with everything!’ But what about paying attention to those who have achieved something on their own, and following their example?!

Someone is wasting his/her life on nothing. Others are counting the days till ‘the end’ with fear. Some people took a metro in Saint-Petersburg last Monday and died because of the monsters that think ‘they can rule the world’.

Don’t wait for a better moment, don’t be jealous, don’t complain. Do more and lead by example. Life is full of ups and downs. But if you do nothing, why are you questioning ‘why do I have nothing’?! It’s always easier to give up rather than keep pushing forward. It’s much easier to whine rather than get your ass off the couch and start doing something to make your situation better.

Stop it now

Stop whining and complaining. Spring will give extra energy to all of us – use it! Don’t waste your time. Value what you have and be grateful for every given day. Do what you have always wanted to do and make your life count!

I hope that my thoughts will wake up some people to take an action. If you never complain, but do more every day – I’m super proud of you! Don’t give up and keep pushing!

What do you think is your biggest achievement so far? I’d love to get to know my community – introduce yourself in the comment below and share your biggest success!