Always help someone. You might be the only one who does.


How this website can be helpful to you?

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” This quote fully describes my attitude towards life. Wherever you go, whatever you do, whoever you meet – you learn something new. The only thing that you need is to be open for everything coming your way.

The purpose of this website is to share knowledge and experience to help young professionals believe in themselves and succeed in their lives. My blog was created to inspire and motivate young people to leave their comfort zone and achieve new heights. Especially when they live in a foreign country and have to overcome all the obstacles that expats face.

I know for sure that the combination of being helpful to others brings a special feeling that can’t be replaced by anything else. At first, you think that helping others takes too much energy and time away from you. However, the truth is that sometimes you get even more than you give. The power of gratitude is incredible. And even if just 10% of those whom you helped tell you ‘thank you‘, you feel that all of your actions are truly worthwhile, and your time wasn’t spent in vain.

In today’s world we need love, care and support much more than we needed before. You should be ready to accept a generous gift, and what is more important, you sometimes even have to ask for it. There’s no exact quota of kindness, common interests and justice. Help others if you can, and always accept help from those who give it to you.

Why did I decide to write a blog?

One of my favorite characters is Carrie Bradshaw. Do you like her as much as I do? Those scenes when she’s sitting in her cozy apartment, drinking coffee or wine, smoking cigarettes and typing her thoughts about love, men and relationships in the New York City… I can watch them over and over again. This gorgeous lady inspired me to share my thoughts and ideas with others. And I’m not losing hope that one day people will read my words and get inspired to do what they love.

Some people might tell that I’m not a professional writer (what is more, I’m not even a native speaker to feel confident enough to write in English), millions of people write blogs, and I’m just one among the rest. But the only way to become a writer is to start writing. And the only way to become a professional writer is to write more. People will always try to find motivation and inspiration in other people, and I believe that my people will find the way to me among those millions of different blogs.

Before writing my first blog entry on May 12, 2016, I had no idea where this all would be going. The thought was:

“Probably no one is gonna get interested in my stories, or it may become quite popular in a few years. The only thing I know is that every person should do what brings her or him joy. I love talking to people. People tend to turn to me for help. Sometimes people ask me whether I have my personal blog or not. I’m crazy about writing letters, greeting cards and notes, and then after some time reread them and plunge into the atmosphere of old times. So why haven’t I started my own blog yet?”

And guess what? 7 months passed, and 10,000 unique visitors came to read my thoughts! And believe me, this is inspiring enough to keep on doing what I truly enjoy.

What is this project about?

Anyone can make a difference and leave a dent in the universe if they have passion and purpose to start the journey. Your story and insights need to be told and discovered. It’s your time to share your knowledge with a world that needs inspiration. It’s a sad truth but many people leave this world with their songs unsung and their talents undiscovered. But if you have figured out your life mission, grab it with both hands, don’t ignore it but embrace it with all the energy.

I’m here to produce inspiring, educational and awesome content. Every day I keep my inspiration flowing, talk to like-minded people and push myself into new areas that challenge me and help me grow. And these things provide me with new insight and fuel to maintain the blogging momentum.

When you’re in the very beginning of something new, everything seems so blurry. But if you set the goal and write it down on paper, you can create a clear plan to make this project come true. So, what is this website about? The #1 category is Life in Finland. I have lived in this country since 2011, and I believe that I have a lot of tips to share about studying, working and living in Suomi. Personal development (mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth) is my category #2, as I’m truly passionate about this topic and do my best to become a better person every given day.

Category #3 is about Networking: making new friends and maintaining already existing relationships. I have always been interested in networking and phycology. My family, friends, teachers and colleagues tell that I can easily find a common language with almost everyone. Is it my talent? I can’t say for sure. But Keith Ferrazzi and his book “Never Eat Alone” aroused my profound interest in this field. And I believe that my knowledge will bring additional value to you as well.

Besides that, I want to share my impressions about the countries I’ve visited and give some advice to travellers. So, Travel is the category #4. And my everyday Thoughts Aloud will make up my category #5. Sometimes I feel like I need to share some of my thoughts, as it might help others. And that’s why I decided to keep this category.

I believe that my website can transform both my life and my reader’s life – and nothing can make me lose my faith in it. I couple up my passion with my innate abilities and added some determination and persistence every time when I create some new content. And I know that magic will happen.

Have a better life 

Are you still questioning your life? Are you afraid of taking a risk? Don’t wait up for a special moment to come. Enjoy your present, stay focused and be productive today! If I can do this all, why can’t you? Go and discover my website to learn some tips on how to live a better life already today!