First of all, THANK YOU for coming to this blog post. Your interest toward my personality and work means a lot to me! And when I say it, I really mean it. When I started my blog a year ago, I had no idea where this would bring me in the future. I left my comfort zone, wrote my first blog post and published it. Later, I started getting more readers on my website, and their feedback was encouraging me to do more.

10 days ago, I decided to tell the story about me failing at selling my BMW in a video format because I wanted to tell the story once and share it with all the people who were interested in it. During these 10 days, I got feedback from around 20 people telling me that I should go on YouTube and do more videos.

If you’re a creator, do what you can’t

So, here is my big announcement: I’m getting active on YouTube. DON’T WAIT FOR POINTLESS VLOGS THERE. I won’t be wasting my time on showing to you how my day is going (I have Instastories for that). My YouTube channel’s goal will be the same as for this website: helping others. How? By sharing practical aspects about life in Finland and diverse how-tos for young professionals, travellers and sports enthusiasts to make their lives better.

The reason why

I want to share knowledge and experience to help young people believe in themselves and succeed in their lives. My blog was created to inspire and motivate young people to leave their comfort zone and achieve new heights. Especially when they live in a foreign country and have to overcome all the obstacles which immigrants face.

Anyone can make a difference and leave a dent in the universe if they have passion and purpose to start the journey. It’s a sad truth but many people leave this world with their songs unsung and their talents undiscovered. But I don’t want to be one of these people. I’m here to produce inspiring, educational and awesome content. Every day I keep my inspiration flowing, talk to like-minded people and push myself into new areas that challenge me and help me grow. And these things provide me with new insight and fuel to maintain the blogging momentum.

What’s going to happen

I will keep on writing my blog posts here, so that you can read my texts whenever you want and need it. On the side of my website, I will start creating YouTube videos, so that those who prefer watching to reading can have access to my tips and how-tos as well.

How you can support me

I need your help, my friends, to kickstart my YouTube channel. If you like the idea about me making more videos and want to see more content I was talking about in this post, support me and my passion by subscribing to my YouTube channel here and liking my first YouTube video ever

Thank you again for spending your time on reading this announcement. You’re awesome!