If you are a driver, there is one thing you probably hate the most – parking.

You’re driving happily toward the city center. You arrive near your location, and start looking for a parking spot. Several blocks, some blood, sweat and tears and a good amount of frustration later you finally see it. On your way to the parking meter you are trying to find some change to insert into the meter. You get there, and you read the instructions on it.

How much does the machine want of my change, and how much time do I need in the city center?

Frustrated, you make some calculations in your head, shove coins down the meter, and get a receipt. 30 minutes only? I got to be fast then. You run back, stretch into the car and place the ticket on your dashboard and get out the same way. The breeze from slamming the door flies the ticket somewhere under the driver seat. You get angry, repeat the process, double-check whether the ticket is visible and finally leave your car. Or you avoid all these steps and simply risk a violation ticket.

Does it sound familiar to you? Does it get on your nerves every time you deal with parking? And what if I say that you can save time, effort and patience, if you simplystart using a parking app?

The best parking app

ParkMan is the easiest app you’ll ever use. With ParkMan you can:

1. find available parking spots and compare prices;

2. extend or end your parking whenever you need it directly from your smartphone;

3. pay only for the exact time (in minutes and seconds) you park for.

From now on you can find and pay for parking just in 3 seconds with your smartphone like I do! ParkMan takes your parking stress away wherever you go. So many drivers love this app already, why don’t you join them! Download the app (free of charge), register with my promo code POPOVA and get your first parking for free (up to 10 euros). Don’t forget to tell your friends about the app to make their lives easier!

More and more people around the world are experiencing time-saving and effortless mobile parking everyday, and it’s amazing! Let’s spread the word and invite more friends to join ParkMan!

Remember: parking can become much more positive, and you can stress less and save more!

Inspired by a talented content creator Anna-Kaisa Makinen