Our lives are full of positive experiences. However, we don’t notice them. The sun warming up our skin, the small child laughing, and the smiling faces we see around us. We should let the beauty of these experiences inspire us to be happy every given day. Living a positive life means creating positive habits to help us focus on what really matters, and I decided to share with you some ideas to help you make your life happier.

Morning mantra

You should always find a reason to smile: dance like nobody is watching you, sing like nobody is listening, and love like you will never get hurt. Wake up every morning and tell yourself that something wonderful is going to happen today, and, if you truly believe it, it’ll happen.

Celebrate your existence

Think, feel, talk, give and help like you are the most fortunate person in the world. Open you mind, open your heart and appreciate what you have today.

Perfect moments

Life is not easy, but still it has perfect moments. Never let the little things get you down. Instead, try to do your best to make this a great day. Slow down for a moment and realize how many great people, things and opportunities you have that can help you make a better existence, if you stay focused and positive.

Meet life’s challenges

Difficulties create opportunities for personal growth, and every challenge you take leads to a new step forward. If you can’t change the situation, embrace yourself and choose the correct attitude towards it. Always try to see good in bad!


Every day gives you a chance for self-improvement. It doesn’t have to be the 1st of January to start learning, growing, developing your strengths, working on your weaknesses, and move forward. It’s never too late to change things in your life that don’t work. If you use today wisely, it’ll help you to have a better tomorrow.

Be happy for no reason

You can get into the trouble, if you’re happy for a special reason, because this reason can be taken away from you one day. Smile. Please, give me a smile for no reason, just because you can do it right now. And repeat it all over again, once you remember these words.

Make people around you smile

Kindness is free, but it is priceless. Give someone your smile, because it might be the only sunshine they see today. A kind word or unexpected encouragement can lift a person’s spirits and make the difference in his or her world.

Spend time with positive people

You’re too awesome to waste your time on people who don’t treat you the right way. You should surround yourself with people who care, make you smile and happy, help you out when you’re down, and never take advantage of you. These are the people worth keeping in your life. Let all the others just pass through.

I hope that these ideas will arouse your interest in creating special habits to stay positive and happy every day from now on. Do you have your own ‘tricks’ that help you keep a positive attitude toward life? Please, be kind and share them with me. I will be truly grateful to you!

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