First of all, I want to say that I’m in love with the UK. I couldn’t expect that this country would make such a great impression on me. Believe me, I’m not that easy to impress. And if I say: ‘I might consider living here’, it means a lot! However, as a comedian, I couldn’t resist writing a funny post about things I find weird about England, so here we go!

2 taps, 1 sink

In the UK, it’s a common thing to have two single taps of water in one sink: one is steaming hot, and another one is freezing cold. I was shocked when I saw that for the first time. It feels like English people don’t enjoy a pleasant experience of mixed water that you can actually touch. Here you have to wash your hands fast before hot water starts burning your skin or put your hands quickly under hot-cold-hot-cold taps to fake normal hand-washing. Believe me, it’s painful but hilarious!

Why keep right, when you can keep left?

I saw it in the movies before but totally forgot about it. In the UK, traffic drives on a different side of the road and thus a passenger and a driver swap places in a car. I thought that I would start freakingΒ out without a steering wheel in front of me, but I managed just fine. However, I couldn’t get used to looking to the right first when crossing the road, even though the signs ‘look right’ are everywhere.

It’s funny though that you keep right on escalators. Very logical, very.

You shall not charge

The first thing I wanted to do when I entered a hotel room was to charge my phone.Β Imagine my face when I looked at the socket and realized ‘oh my, a bloody adapter is needed‘. Thank God my boyfriend was way more prepared for our trip and had one with him. Saying bye-bye to my Instagram stories until a moment I could get an adaptor from the store would be too much for me to handle.

Drink some warm beer, they said. It’llΒ be fun, they said.

If you don’t know, in England they serve warm and flat beer in the pubs and restaurants.Β They say that their special brewing process gives the beer a richer flavor and more character, and makes it much more creamy due to lack of carbonation. I tried to overcome my preference for cold and refreshing carbonated beer and check out these warm and flat beers with more character. It’s good, but I prefer English ciders to English beers. End of story.

Sorry, how much?

It felt like I forgot everything that I’ve learned about the UK before going there. Another struggle was the English system of measurements for length, area, volume, and weight. It’s completely different from what I’m used to in Russia and Finland, and that’s why I had some issues with discussing my shoe size, weight, and distances with locals. I remember that I once caught myself thinking ‘why is a car going so fast, even though we are driving only 70 km/h’. The problem was that we were driving 70 miles or 112 km per hour. At least I know how much is a pint! #essentials

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