Autumn is coming, and many of us meet a challenge of getting through seasonal depression. All the autumn ‘perks’ become real: days are getting shorter, the rain comes more often, green leaves turn red and yellow, people around become moody, and you start feeling lazy and blue. I promised to myself that I won’t let this autumn affect my productivity, health and mood in any ways. Are you with me? Today I’ll tell you how to fight autumn depression and show how to have a wonderful day, even when the sun and warm weather leave the city.

Kick off your day with a smile

It goes without saying that sleep is crucial for our well-being. If you feel rested, you are in a better mood by default. I’ve also noticed that sleeping with an open window (fresh air) improves the quality of my sleep. When I wake up and see a sunny day, I feel happier and more energetic. If I see a grey weather outside, I take a ‘saving the mood’ action immediately. I start my day with a funny joke with a friend or checking some inspiring/cheering accounts on Instagram – it always puts a smile on my face. Kick off your day with a smile – it helps!

Have healthy and hearty breakfast

I love food. If I was a songwriter, I would have devoted one of my songs to food, that’s for sure. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and I always plan it well, especially during the weekends. To make my breakfast complete, I use the Immune Complex during the cold seasons. It’s autumn, and vitamins are needed to stay strong and healthy! Check out Nordiq Nutrition products to find needed supplements (btw, use the promo code BB2017 to get 15% off!).

There are many nice places to have delicious breakfast in Helsinki. Yesterday we decided to go for ‘breakfast in a church’… Sounds interesting, huh? We found a cozy place in Eira that serves finger-licking good waffles and to-die-for carrot and raw Snickers cakes. Lovely and kind Päivi, a lady who owns and runs the place, hosts her customers like good old friends. I like places that have the human touch and make you feel like you want to come back again and again. What I absolutely loved about Kahvila Blossom was the piano. When I see one, I can’t resist playing. It felt good to play my favourite piece in a venue like this (see a picture below). Besides, Päivi turned the music off for me to enjoy the moment even more. Playing the piano always improves my mood, and I had a truly wonderful moment yesterday.

Go for a long walk

Most of the time we take our health and ‘good condition’ for granted. And only when we feel sick, we suddenly realize how grateful we would have been just to feel normal again. That’s why you should be proactive and take care of yourself. By this I mean exercising and having some mental rest. If lifting weights is not ‘your cup of tea’, you can go for a different kind of exercising. I always feel better after a long stroll. Walking with friends is fun, as you share the news and discuss ideas or plans. It’s always a pleasure to create happy moments with like-minded people. And if I want to spend some time alone, I just listen to my favourite music and enjoy the beautiful views of my city.

Get yourself a present

Who doesn’t like surprises or gifts? You don’t need someone else to make one for you. Today we decided to have a ‘find a new hat’ challenge with girls. It took us quite some time to find what we were looking for, but we had so much fun! With the help of our style guru Yana, we managed to find a perfect hat for each of us! We made a small present for ourselves, but still it improved our mood and, hopefully, style!

Enjoy a bottle glass of wine in a nice place

When it’s rain and grey outside, it’s always wine o’clock inside! I need to point out that I’m not promoting alcohol drinking. You can go for a cup of good coffee instead, it’s your own choice. People who join you for a drink, and the atmosphere of the place are what matters! You can talk about life, business or whatever interests you share. Find a comfy place, take a drink in your hand and enjoy the moment!

I hope that these 5 tips will help you fight autumn depression! By the way, the day I described above turned out to be my 1-year anniversary of living in Helsinki, but I realized it only in the evening. What a wonderful autumn day it was!