I wanted to visit Budapest for quite a long time. Many people said to me that the city is incredibly beautiful, and I felt like seeing it with my own eyes. We booked a trip with my American friend back in March, and were truly looking forward to our first adventure together. It turned out that we’re great and like-minded travel buddies, are our trip was all about enjoying ourselves, feeling happy and laughing like crazy (endless jokes, you know).

I thought that it would be unfair to have so much fun and not to share it with you. So I decided to write my own fun facts about Budapest. Here we go!

Feel yourself rich AF

If you don’t know, Hungary has its own currency. Even though, you can pay with euros and your card in many places, it’s good to exchange or withdraw some cash. Do you wanna be rich or at least feel rich? Exchange 100 euros into Forints and get 30.000 HUF. When you have that much cash in your hands, you can’t resist this feeling. And when you spend thousands here and there, it makes you feel like a crazy big spender (haha).

They call it Hungarian, we call it Russian

Goulash soup? Crepes (aka blini)? Chicken paprikash? Stuffed pepper? Are you kidding me? This is what my family cooks for no special occasion! We don’t even share borders with Hungary, but eat the same food! So close, yet so far.

Local style means no style

Probably I’m spoilt by good-looking and tall Scandinavians, especially men, who dress up and take care of themselves. I can’t tell the same thing about Hungarians. Yes, never judge by appearance, but don’t have high expectations when you go to Budapest –  there is clearly a reason why this city is not in the global ‘Big Four’ fashion capitals (just kidding).

Don’t even try to speak Hungarian

Usually after staying in a new country for some time, I eventually learn some basic phrases and manage to greet and thank people. With Hungarian, it was simply like ‘mission impossible’. Dear Hungarians, please don’t take it personally, but your language is just insane. When you hear people telling that it’s one of the most difficult languages to learn, believe them. I tried my best, but failed completely!

Day drinking is inevitable

In Finland, it’s usually cheaper to order a bottle of wine rather than several glasses if you go out. In Hungary, there is no difference at all. Prices are crazy cheap everywhere, so be cautious – one simply can’t resist ordering bottles. You will pay around 10-15 euros for a bottle of some truly good Hungarian wine at any restaurant. So good that I don’t leave there (haha)!

These are my fun facts for today. In the future posts, I will share with you more practical tips on how to plan your trip to Budapest, what to see and where to go. Stay tuned and check the hashtag #katarina_hungary on Instagram to see more pictures!